Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Treatment in Nampa

At Whole Health Chiropractic, we offer holistic back pain treatment for Nampa area residents. If you suffer from back pain, our Nampa chiropractor can help you find relief while offering lifestyle tips to keep you healthy and living a pain free life. Learn about our natural approach to back pain relief.

Our Nampa Chiropractor Can Help Relieve Back Pain

We offer comprehensive chiropractic care for back pain. If you experience back pain symptoms including stiffness, sore muscles, muscle weakness, muscle spasms, limited mobility, or pins and needles, please come in and see us. If you developed back pain as a result of playing sports, we will treat your sports injury.

We start by evaluating your back flexibility, strength, and spinal alignment. Since spine misalignment can refer pain to other parts of your body, the true source of the pain may be far from your aching muscles. Once we have found the cause of your back pain, we will use proven chiropractic methods to bring you back to wellness.

Our Nampa chiropractor uses manual and machine-aided adjustments to restore the spine's natural shape. We also break apart soft tissue adhesions, so your muscles do not pull your spine back out of alignment. From these treatments, you will feel a direct reduction in back pain and inflammation. It may take several sessions to fully resolve your back pain, but many patients start feeling better after the initial adjustment.

Once we end your pain, we will suggest back strengthening exercises and stretches that restore your back health. During this rehabilitation phase, we will use exercise therapy to strengthen not only your back muscles, but your core. We know that a stable core supports your back and helps to keep you healthy. We may also recommend lifestyle changes, or suggest supplements for whole body health. By exercising and taking our wellness advice, you can prevent future back pain.

See How Our Chiropractor in Nampa Can Treat Your Back Pain

You do not have to suffer in back pain alone. Let our chiropractor in Nampa relieve your back pain at the root, so you do not suffer a recurrence. To schedule a consultation with our chiropractor in Nampa, please call us today at 208-442-1123.

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