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For those that constantly live with headaches, it can be something that literally controls your life. What you do for the day, if you go out to dinner, if you play outside with the kids, is all dependent on whether or not you wake up with a headache. While there are many different types of headaches, the majority of them come from a problem in your neck. However, being able to detect, and treat, the exact problem is something that few Chiropractors are trained in. Dr Oberti has spent countless hours studying the science behind Cervico-genic headaches and has great success treating them. Very specific x-rays are taken in our office with a state of the art, high speed Digital X-ray machine, and then we use our specialized software program to measure the cervical spine. However, that alone is not enough to fix your problem. Dr. Oberti is 1 of 4 Chiropractors in the state of Idaho that specializes in the Gonstead Technique that utilizes the Seated Cervical Adjustment. 99% of Chiropractors lay you on your back to adjust your neck. While this can be potentially dangerous due to the amount of rotation induced, it as also much less effective. Being trained and specializing in the Gonstead technique, Dr. Oberti is able to perform the most effective and safe cervical adjustment available. Because of this, our success rate with headaches is very high, and in most cases, completely resolves all issues associated with headaches. Don't let this debilitating condition run your like anymore, call our office today in Nampa at (208)442-1123, and find out how we can help.

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